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Whether welcoming guests arrival, playing a bride down the aisle, addressing the haggis, or entertaining guests with Scottish folklore history and custom, a traditional Highland Piper can bring something special to your event. Scottish music, culture, dress and costume never fails to add something unique to the atmosphere and greatly enhances the experience.


There are literally thousands of pipe tunes to suit all occasions, and it is often down to the piper to play the most suitable tunes for the occasion. However you can also request your favourites, and given enough warning even the unusual is possible, but please remember that not all popular tunes may sound good on a solo highland bagpipe!

There are marches, strathspeys, reels, hornpipes, jigs, slow airs, laments and of course the classic piobaireachds to choose from. My favourite tunes to play are the good going, foot tapping traditional marches, of which there are many and varied. If you are not sure what you would like then please use the link below to send an email for help in choosing what tunes would be appropriate for your occasion.


Set the day off on the right foot and create a truly traditional Scottish atmosphere by having a piper playing a welcome for your guests as they arrive at the ceremony. Hearing the bride / groom being piped to the start of the ceremony always raises excitement and anticipation before being played down the aisle. A great start to a memorable day. Piping continues throughout the rest of the days proceedings as required, it is very much up to the bride, following tradition the piper is 'The Bride's Piper', or equally 'The Groom's Piper', they have the last say! Piping duties usually finish with the time-honoured tradition of the 'Piper's Toast' at the top table once everyone is seated, before piping off.

Burns Suppers

Burns' Night is traditionally celebrated on 25th January when the haggis is served and Burns' life and poetic works are remembered. Robert Burns' 'Address to the Haggis' is well known and in constant demand with so many visitors from all corners of the world coming to Scotland throughout the year. It is not uncommon for the haggis to be one of the courses at a Scottish gala dinner and to have it properly piped in and addressed. Traditional, memorable, highly entertaining, and a great way to celebrate all things Scottish.


Saying final farewells and celebrating the life of a friend or loved one is an emotionally charged time in everyone's life. A piper playing ahead of the cortège and during the proceedings at a funeral can add a fitting tribute and last gesture of respect, helping create a lasting memory of someone cherished. A favourite tune, a regimental march, a traditional lament, or hymn played, can turn the saddest of occasions into one of lasting remembrance.

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