My Beekeeping Kit Downloads

My Bekeeping notes are a personal collection of best practices and widely recognised beekeeping methods and techniques. They are freely available for download and can be used wholly or in part at your own discretion bearing in mind they are not presented as definitive versions or solutions. Please observe any copyright contained in the download documents.

Document NameFile SizeDownload
Asian Hornet - GB Non Native Species Secretariat1.5 MBDownload
Asian Hornet - French Natural History Museum2.4 MBDownload
Bait Hives for Honey Bees824 kbDownload
Bumblebee Guide496 kbDownload
Candy Recipe32 kbDownload
Heavy Syrup Recipe32 kbDownload
Integrated Pest Management49 kbDownload
Light Syrup Recipe32 kbDownload
Mycelia and Bees1.5 MBDownload
Petrus Monthly Round57 kbDownload
Risk Assessments32 kbDownload
Sugar Bag Feeder28 kbDownload
Swarm Lure38 kbDownload
Swarm Trapping29 kbDownload
Thymolised Syrup Recipe47 kbDownload