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About 'My Beekeeping Kit'

My Beekeeping Kit - the website and its reference material content is written and maintained online by the owner as an independent entity, non commercial, non profit making and is not affiliated to any association or organisation.

Responsible Beekeeping - is the key message of these notes which support the maintenance of healthy and sustainable stocks of native honeybees through carefully considered, well planned, and skilfully executed best practice in beekeeping.

Species Conservation - is central to the authors beekeeping, recognising the importance of our native honeybee's place in our ecology and mounting pressure from commerce and industry, and exploitation by media and market place campaigns.

Sharing Best Practice - the notes are kept online so that they can be easily accessed on-site from the apiary, cutting down errors and saving wasted journeys and time, and are openly available to all for use at your own discretion.

Owner and Author - Iain D Dewar is a retired lecturer and seasoned beekeeper from West Lothian and can be contacted by using the link below.

   Contact Iain Dewar for further information.